Gimlin Gives Bigfoot Talk

Bob Gimlin of the famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film which started the Bigfoot craze in 
the United States gives a talk about it in 2008.

Bigfoot researchers cite the 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin famous Bigfoot film as the best evidence to date of the creature’s existence.  But it’s not often one of the original creators of the video give talks and answer questions from the crowd.  Roger Patterson is now passed, but his friend Gimlin is still talking about the most famous of Bigfoot sightings in history.

Still-shot of the Patterson-Gimlin
Bigfoot video, filmed in 1967.

It’s been forty one years since the famous film created much debate about the existence of the woolly bugger, but Bob Gimlin still maintains today that the footage is authentic of what most likely is a female Bigfoot.

Bob addressed a crowd of around 100 people at the State Capital Museum in California and held everyone captivated. Bob told the crowd how he and Roger Patterson had heard about large footprints found in Northern California.  Both men decided to travel for a couple weeks on horseback through the woods, in search of the Sasquatch.  Both men hail from Yakima, and their trek took them to the now legendary Bluff Creek on a warm October day.  Both men saw the creature and Patterson filmed the clip that has surfaced world-wide.  Bob was thinking more of protecting both of them, so he grabbed his rifle and watched as the Bigfoot creature strolled across the dry river bed.

Gimlin confessed to the crowd, “I haven’t had any luck with any footprints or sightings since.”  He also stated that he had not returned to the site until 2003 and that it had changed quite a bit now.  

During the men’s Bigfoot experience, Gimlin said he didn’t recall any sounds being made by the Bigfoot, and it didn’t seem afraid, either.  However, the Bigfoot sighting did startle Bob to the point he didn’t check for other Bigfoot in the area at the time they witnessed the phenomenal event.

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