Gimlin-Patterson Bigfoot Costume

Costume maker Philip Morris finally comes forward to let the public know he designed and sold the Bigfoot costume to Roger Patterson for the 1967 famous Bigfoot hoax film.

In November 2008, TV Land aired Philip Morris’ story of how he created a Bigfoot costume and sold it to Roger Patterson of California.  Two and a half months after selling Patterson the costume, the famous Gimlin-Patterson Bigfoot film broke all over the news in 1967.  Morris thought for sure Patterson would eventually come clean as to the hoax, but was amazed as Roger Patterson insisted the film was real, even up until his death.

patterson bigfoot video

The story itself is interesting, as many wonder why Philip Morris would have kept this secret for so long.  His reply was that as a special effects producer for Hollywood, he must follow an ethical code of conduct, so secrets do not get out.  This is also the case with magicians who buy their magical props from manufacturers such as Morris, trusting that the truth will never get out. Morris remembers the initial phone call from Patterson as being quite odd, as he was looking to procure a gorilla suit, but he 
wanted it to look more like a Neanderthal.  The suit Morris sold Patterson cost $450, which was quite expensive in the day.  Roger Patterson told Philip Morris that the gorilla suit was for a prank, and after receiving it asked Morris for tips on concealing the zipper. He also requested more fur, as well as tips on how to fill it out more realistically.

Philip Morris has been telling this story ever since Roger Patterson passed on, but many do not believe him and even become angered with his story. He equates the re-telling of the story to Bigfoot enthusiasts as trying to tell a kid that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

Was the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film a hoax with a good costume? You decide…

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