Bigfoot Hoax

Check out our list of not one Bigfoot hoax, but the top Bigfoot hoaxes that have unfortunately duped Bigfoot believers and researchers.

Bigfoot Hoax #1: Patterson- Gimlin Bigfoot
– Yes, we have to list this most famous of all Bigfoot sightings as the biggest of the biggest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time.  Why do we list this one when so many Bigfoot researchers believe it to be the Holy Grail of Bigfoot evidence?  In recent years, there have been numerous stories that have surfaced surrounding Patterson’s family and the making of the film.  We choose not to bury our heads in the sand any longer.  Gimlin maintains his story still today, but be sure and read about the Patterson Bigfoot costume.

Bigfoot Hoax #2: 2008 Georgia Bigfoot Body – Probably the second most-hyped of Bigfoot hoaxes that duped Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi out of money, and eventually ended badly with a press conference, press release, and an eventual rubber Bigfoot suit frozen in a freezer.

Note: The bottom video (below) is the latest update to the story.  Hear the men tell their tale…

Bigfoot Hoax #3: Skookum Cast – An alleged Bigfoot footprint plaster cast turns out to be made by an Elk.  This Bigfoot hoax has been widely debated.  Was it a hoax or a simply a misidentification?

Bigfoot Hoax #4:Sonoma Bigfoot – Magicians Penn & Teller hoaxed a Bigfoot video for fun.

Bigfoot Hoax #5:Memorial Day Bigfoot Video – A running Sasquatch turns out to be a hoax.  You can watch the video on the Famous Bigfoot Videos page.

Bigfoot Hoax #6:Snow Walker Bigfoot – Fox television produced a hoax Bigfoot video of the Woolly Bugger trudging through snow.  You can see the image on our Bigfoot Photos page.

There have course has been a myriad of Bigfoot hoaxes, but these are our top six to date.  In the future, we will add more to the Bigfoot Hoax page.

Below is press coverage of the famous Bigfoot body hoax of 2008:

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