Bigfoot Hoax

Check out our list of not one Bigfoot hoax, but the top Bigfoot hoaxes that have unfortunately duped Bigfoot believers and researchers. Bigfoot Hoax #1: Patterson- Gimlin Bigfoot– Yes, we have to list this most famous of all Bigfoot sightings as the biggest of the biggest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time.  Why do we list this …

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Bigfoot Body Found!

A Bigfoot body has been found by two men in northern Georgia!  UPDATE BELOW! Searching For Bigfoot, led by Tom Biscardi, is holding a press conference Friday August 15th, 2008 to reveal the biggest discovery of the modern era: A Bigfoot body!  Photos and DNA evidence will be released at the closed-to-press only session. Left: …

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Bigfoot – Sasquatch

What is the difference between sasquatch and bigfoot? There really is no difference in the creature, just in the names. The name sasquatch comes from a little known Native American language called Halkomelem or Salish.  It is believed the name sasquatch was coined between 1925-30, primarily in the Salishan language of southwestern British Columbia.  Sasquatch has …

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